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Biography of Unique Vision Group CEO

Mr. Abdulrahman Alhudaithy


Abdulrahman bin Rashid Alhudaithy, born in Saudi Arabia, Qassim city, Albukairia district. Since a young age he was fond of trade and investment, through early stages of his educational run which started in Riyadh, he was inspired by his ancestors, who were senior merchants from Albukairia, he read and examined their careers and challenges they faced in which they wrote in gold their achievements and successes echoed around the world.

His career:

Was a young man full of ambition and vitality trying to start his small business to seize his place early in the business world and commerce, enabled him to gain experience and expertise, sometimes a loser and others a winner, that is the principle of Business . He emerged among his family and friends as a reference in trade and investment consultancy, to study, analyze and express an opinion about them, likewise regarding legal affairs in matters of trade according a principle he always repeat “law is the basis of trade, without law a trade does not flourish”.

He began to work in the private sector since an early age during the years of study, inspired by trade and love of work on the basis of racing with time and self-proving. He was able through years of hard work and perseverance to prove himself by his work which enabled him then to extend his circle of business and relations with relatives and friends and to communicate with several prominent businessmen in the kingdom and to build a close and entrenched relation with them, which makes him expanding in various trade and investment works internally and externally. He involved in miscellaneous works including real estate, constructions, retail, business services, domestic and global investment in equity market, mutual funds and private portfolios, Forex trading, Bonds & most of treasury activities in the banks.

He occupied several positions in his career:

– Assigned to work and to participate in an intensive scientific and research course at Samba Financial Group in treasury department.
(Commercial Bank)

– An officer at the compliance and commitment department, responsible for anti-money laundering program in Falcom Financial Services and Wealth Management, and one of the representatives of the company to the Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA).
(investment bank)

– Commercial Manager Assistant, Member of the recruitment Committee, member of the Procurement Committee in Alkaffary Group.

– General Manager of Taraka Company.
(retail and construction)

– CEO of Unique Vision Group in KSA & UAE.
(Trade and multi- investment group)


– Advanced Diploma in banking operations and a certificate in English from the Institute of Public Administration (IPA).

– Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and systems implementation from British Open University, candidate and participant in organizing private and advanced workshops for students in analyzing, evaluating and studying the real case studies in the world of trade and investment.

– Accredited Certificate in English from California, United States of America.

– Attained many of advanced and specialized courses and got certificates in human resource development, assets and wealth management, commercial law, banking operations and the Global Anti-money Laundering System of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Practical attributes:

He loves strategic planning and precise execution to it and uniqueness in performance across companies and gaining competitive advantages to make a successful entity.

He Believes that human resources is one of the important assets for any organization, therefor, creation of incentive work environment based on production, selection of suitable teamwork on the right time and place, working as one team to reach the desired goals are the most important elements for establishing and success of any entity.

He loves formatting and auditing of investments contracts, companies mergers and acquisitions both internally and externally as a kind of best regulations inclusion and exchange of advanced domestic and international expertise and integrate them to get better and perfect business results, and upgrading the overall performance of companies and create a spirit of fair competition .

Cares so much about time, he says that it is the most precious thing to be invested,cause it could not be compensated, if one was able to invest and manage it properly, it would be a strong indicator of success in any endeavor aiming to achieve in his life.

One of his statements:

“Lots of people have the talent of imagining and designing unique business ideas. However, few of them can collect, coordinate, sort out and apply such ideas in an executable format in reality, taking into consideration “the when and where” and their available conditions to be invested and developed continually in addition to aspiration and perseverance on achieving success which are in turn the challenges of this era “. (2014)

To contact Mr.Abdulrahman Alhudaithy by Email: Abdulrahman@uniquevision.sa

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أما السيد حسنيّة فقد صرَّح بأن “الاعتماد على خبرة مجموعة الرؤية الفريدة في هذا الميدان، بالتعاون مع فريقنا المؤهَّل من مستشارين ومهندسين وفنيّين، سيساعد أي مشروع تجاري على الارتقاء من مستوى إلى آخر في السوق السعودية.” سعودي جازيت

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